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Taizhou Bay Sino-British Innovation Center

1 Platform summary:

Platform summary: With the Taizhou Bay New Area Industrial Park as the core, and the London Overseas Incubator and Shenzhen Enclave Accelerator as the bridge, we will build an attraction model of " overseas incubation + first-tier city acceleration + Taizhou industrialization " , and promote the transfer and transformation of domestic and foreign advanced technologies in Taizhou Bay New Area. . Implement the "One Belt One Road" strategy, innovate and build a linkage mechanism of "bringing in and going out", export outstanding domestic brands overseas, and integrate international high-quality education, culture and art, life and health, information technology and other industrial resources to connect with the Chinese market And integrated development.

2 Platform structure : Taizhou, Shenzhen, Londo


The Taizhou Bay Shenzhen Innovation Center Space is located in the 1980 Science and Technology Cultural Industrial Park in Shenzhen, covering an enclave accelerator site with an area of more than 500 square meters. Shenzhen Enclave Accelerator will be responsible for the industrial operation of the innovation center, providing city promotion, business connection, and local services in Shenzhen. Recruit high-end talents in various fields in Shenzhen and land in Taizhou for industrialization.


Based on London’s resource advantages in the field of innovation, using Magna Carta Island as a British incubator carrier to build a well-functioning market and scientific research network, promote the steady development of scientific research and market value-added businesses, and import high-level strategic cooperation resources and investment opportunities to Taizhou. Expand Taizhou's advantages in related industries.


Shenzhen enclave accelerator operations team will improve the industry operating mechanism, the Shenzhen Municipal Propaganda Department of Sports and Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Industry support led Shenzhen 1980 Technology Cultural Industry Park accelerator carrier , with three co-oriented, focusing on force city profile and enhance the resources of the whole business together, and guide the orientation of high-tech talent landed Taizhou, while towards the direction of industrial incubators.

3 Business logic ( three major platforms, four major industries) service content

4 Strategic Planning

In the first year, initially set up the infrastructure and service team of the incubation platform, and completed the first batch of enterprises and talents to land in Taizhou ; plan the annual activities of the platform , and carry out preparations for various activities to ensure that the activities are held on time.

The next year, to improve infrastructure platform, and build a public service platform, to establish and maintain with local associations, institutions, media and financial institutions of good relations, to ensure that various activities, major projects / Institute of landing ;

The third year, precipitation incubation results, complete the allocation of intellectual property rights and patent applications, as a basis , the development of relevant industry standards ; In the fourth year, form an input and output system for core project content , plus a complete service provider alliance, to create a two-way interoperable international science and technology incubator solution to provide support for the establishment of independent brands and standardized expansion ;

The first five years, form a complete industrial chain and further to carry out EU-China Branch iteration Industry Alliance.

Other plans: The industry guidance fund will be gradually decentralized, in order to empower the collaborative development of enterprises, and promote technology introduction, iterative upgrades, industry-university-research cooperation and industrialization in major areas.

5 project examples

Project introduction : This project is committed to introducing the high-level talents and service projects of the International Scientific Thinking EPQ Course Center into Taizhou, serving the introduction and training of high-level talents in Taizhou, building a complete education talent service system, and building Taizhou into a talent ecology The best city, to create a national training base for outstanding innovative teachers. The full name of EPQ is Extended Project Qualification , and the Chinese name is the Youth Research and Innovation Certification. It is a necessary STEAM innovation course for primary, middle and high schools in the Commonwealth of Nations . It has been cultivating students' innovative ability through topics for 12 years. Official websites such as Cambridge Oxford strongly recommend that students participate in EPQ courses.

Project : to build factories in Taizhou digital transformation platform , and build industrial automation project implementation model . Successfully digital plant information system products ( discrete manufacturing MES manufacturing execution system architecture ), digital factory information products ( the WMS warehouse management system ) industrialization , and has industrial automation upgrade project : Toyota, Honda commercial motor vehicle door automated production line and so on .

Project introduction : This project develops a handheld ophthalmic diagnostic instrument, which is connected to the cloud through a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and provides artificial intelligence services to users. The instrument can be for a doctor of traditional clinic or hospital, or the use of well-trained professionals and can use this single diagnostic solutions to replace four large, expensive instrumentation on tradition. The instrument will Chaoguo 25 different test functions integrate together , and analyzed by artificial intelligence software algorithms then detect early signs of related diseases. This will save doctors and hospitals time and costs, and means they can test and provide treatment for more patients to prevent serious problems such as blindness.

Project introduction : Through the AI drug research and development technology of a German listed company , we will independently research and develop anti-aging and neurodegenerative disease drug pipelines , and cooperate in the research and development of cancer , osteoporosis and other drug pipelines .

Project introduction : A smart health space supported by AI and big data is formed through core technologies such as visual tracking , behavior recognition , human posture estimation , abnormal event modeling , machine learning , and big data analysis . That is, in the home or nursing home environment, by collecting audio, video and multi-modal sensing data of the elderly, monitoring the health of the elderly , chronic diseases , emergencies and mental health, etc., improve the independence and quality of the elderly .

英国国际创新中心(UKIIC Accelerator)