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Taizhou Bay Sino-British Innovation Center, London

The London Taizhou Bay Sino-British Innovation Center is located in the UK International Innovation Center (UKIIC), with a space of 500 square meters. The London Center will make full use of the technology, talents, capital and other resources of the United Kingdom and other European and American developed countries to attract talents, talents, and investment for the Taizhou Bay New Area. , Promote the landing of scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, and help Taizhou Bay New Area enterprises to connect with overseas resources and develop outward.

In response to the needs of strategic emerging industries such as general aviation, automobile and key parts manufacturing, and intelligent equipment manufacturing in the Taizhou Bay New Area, the introduction of supporting technologies, projects and talents; for the strong chain, supplementary chain, and optimization of the Taizhou Bay New Area industry Provide strong business support for chain, international industry-university-research cooperation and industrialization, international cutting-edge technology introduction and overseas mergers and acquisitions, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship services, and industrial transformation and upgrading.


英国国际创新中心(UKIIC Accelerator)