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The UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) launched the "One-stop Service for Chinese Enterprises Going Abroad"

For enterprises to develop and progress, it is far from enough to rely solely on self-sales in their own country. Only by going abroad can the interests of the enterprise be maximized. In order to help solve the problem of Chinese companies staying at home and lack of international competitiveness, Chinese companies have international scientific research and market functions. The "One-Stop Service for Chinese Enterprises Going Abroad" launched by the UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) aims to assist Chinese companies in setting up, operating, investing and developing in the UK, making it easier for Chinese companies to go abroad and helping to start a business. The Chinese corporate brand enhances the corporate influence in the international market.

"One-stop service for Chinese enterprises going abroad" mainly includes four aspects. One is to provide British docking services to help build the required market and scientific research network in the United Kingdom; the second is to provide remote settlement and various agency services. Chinese companies can set up in the International Innovation Center in the center of London at a very low cost. Branches can complete company registration within one day, establish virtual offices, and put them into operation as soon as possible; third, provide physical office space so that British customers can feel the influence of domestic companies in the UK, greatly shortening the communication distance; fourth, help companies Integrate its industry's scientific research and market resources in the UK, and provide high-level strategic cooperation resources and investment opportunities to avoid companies that blindly go abroad and pay huge costs and bear the risk of failure.

The UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) is a new type of boutique incubation space that aims to promote in-depth global cooperation in the field of innovation. It is the headquarters of the International Innovation Alliance in the UK and the most cutting-edge representative technology innovation and entrepreneurship complex in the City of London. At the same time, the UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) has the UK’s premier and non-replicable exclusive guidance team. Its team members include Ms. Yang Min, chairman of the Australia-China Fortune Group, which owns five main board listed companies, and China-UK operates multiple innovation industrial parks. Mr. Chen Yuanfeng, Chairman of China Science Foundation Group, Professor Xiong Yu, Co-Chairman of Science Control Group, who introduced hundreds of millions of investment capital to the British team, Frontier who founded London Science and Technology City, Mr. Eric Van der Kreij, CEO of Innovation Network, led the investment of 170 Mr. Han Bing, Chairman of Yingde Group, the largest immigration and innovation investment group in the UK, etc. In recent years, many top technology companies and organizations have stepped out of their home countries with the help of team members of the UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) to enter the international market and achieve rapid expansion. Well-known companies currently staying in the UK's International Innovation Center include China's Huawei Group 5G Center, the UK's largest innovative immigration investment group Anglo-German Group, the famous blockchain finance company UKDE, the world's leading artificial intelligence incubator Frontier, and Europe's largest on-demand staffing Platform Coople, Pinecone Ltd, London's largest cross-border e-commerce provider, and CCCB, the British China General Chamber of Commerce.

Chinese companies compete fiercely in their home countries, but the international market is huge. To promote their development, going abroad is the best choice. The UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) can help Chinese companies settle in the UK at a lower cost, and help them introduce capital and technology, open up channels, and expand international markets. The Chinese and British high-tech fields will be deeply integrated through the platform of the UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC) to meet the construction needs of intellectual property protection, integration into the global innovation network, and promotion of scientific research talent exchange and cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of high-tech industries. , High-tech startups operate efficiently. Based on this foundation, the United Kingdom International Innovation Center (UKIIC) will rely on its unique geographical location, integrate various service resources, and build a full chain of "science and technology incubators, entrepreneurial dreams" and "innovation space-incubator accelerators" as its positioning and integration. The scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial complex integrating the functions of "Science and Technology R&D, Sales Exhibition, Entrepreneurship Incubation, and Creative Business". The goal is to become a benchmark project for British-Chinese scientific and technological innovation, and to use the most cutting-edge resources to fully support Chinese enterprises to achieve growth from small to large, and promote their development to a listed company.

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