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Arabian Camels have come together with Magna Carta to host an iconic event at The historic Magna Carta Island. The purpose of the session is to bring together great minds in the world of Blockchain and the movie business (Finance, Production, Distribution), to discuss the future of Hollywood and explore how Blockchain and Web 3 technology will revolutionize the world of movies as we know it.

The Arabian Camels are considered the pioneers of merging the world of Movies and Intellectual Property, with NFTs, DeFi and Web 3. In early 2021 the Arabian Camels proposed a model that would revolutionize film financing models, and democratize and decentralize the movie business. They launched the Antara Movie NFT to finance the Swords and Sandals epic 'ANTARA', and became the first Web 3 community to start producing and owning a$45M Hollywood movie together.

We are excited to host you in the lush gardens of Magna Carta Island. We look forward to welcoming high-level disruptors and individuals working in the world of Venture Capital, Private Equity, M & A, Blockchain, Web 3, Crypto, Film, Acting, Directing, Financing, Production, and Distribution.


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1pm Arrival – Meet and Greet

2pm -2.30pm Panel 1 - Finance and Production

Matthew Joynes Producer, Entrepreneur, CEO of CDAX, Blue Finch Films, SC Films

Stuart Sutherland Producer, CEO of Celtic Productions

Andrew Dymond Producer, CEO of Bazooka Bunny

Jonny Caplan CEO Tech Talk Media / Impossible Media

2.30pm – 3pm Panel 2 Technological Innovation and Distribution

Robert Charles CEO Goldfingr

Alex Curson CEO of EDMTV / Spazz

Ricky O’Donnell CEO & Founder of RJDM Studios

Akeem Ojuko CEO of Script TV

3pm – 3.10pm Alexander Amartei - How to fund a movie in Web 3, and incorporate DeFi as a financial strategy in film production.

3.10pm – 3.20pm The Youngest NFT Wizard. How 14 year old made a splash in the NFT space.

3.20pm – 3.40pm Social Impact with Web 3 – A DAO for Dyslexia with Ann Hu

3.40pm Barbeque with networking followed by live Smooth Jazz band and cigars. But bring your own! :)

THE VENUE – The Historical Landmark –MAGNA CARTA ISLAND



Alexander Amartei is an Irish entrepreneur, Investor, CEO of Arabian Camels, and recently won the Monaco Streaming Film Festival Award alongside James Cameron and Mark Wahlberg. Alexander is the producer of Antara - the first major DeFi Hollywood Movie in history financed by tokens and the power of Web 3. With a strong background in equities, real estate, corporate finance and an extensive Hollywood network, he has built a brand around the democratization and decentralization of the movie business through Web 3, Community and Blockchain. In addition to launching the Antara Movie NFT, he also carried out the NFT campaigns for Arabian Camels, David Bowie and Queen, and is soon to launch the full physical DC Comic collection on the Blockchain. He is a keynote speaker, panelist, podcast guest, and has been a governmental advisor on the future of industry as it convergences with Web 3, Tokenization, DeFi and Blockchain.


Stuart Sutherland is a major UK film producer, who has just produced Gerard Butler’s most recent movie ‘KANDAHAR’, a $60M movie shot in the Saudi desert. Stuart has been in the film business for 30 years and has worked in several other major productions such as Evita, Top Boy, Emerald City and Killing Eve. He produced BORN A KING, and numerous award winning films and shows such as THE SAINT, with Sean Bean, and the Emmy award winning HORNBLOWER TV series. Stuart Produced his first feature in 2001 a romantic comedy, GIRL FROM RIO, starring Hugh Laurie and Spanish star Santiago Segura which won Best International Film at the Hollywood Film festival. In 2010/11 Stuart served as Executive Producer on a number of films including A LONG WEEKEND, The COURIER starring Mickey Rourke and BAIT a shark thriller set in Australia which went on to become one of the 20 highest grossing movies in China of that year. Stuart is one of the producers in the $45M Movie ANTARA, given his extensive experience in major Hollywood movies, as well as experience with desert based productions.

Matthew Joynes lives in California and Florida and owns www.mvault.us, one of the largest b2b content platforms in the world in the USA as well as a theatrical distribution company in the UK www.bluefinchfilms.com and a well respected sales agency for TV and film www.scfilmsinternational.com which chairs UK Film Export for the DTI his partner sold Passion of the Christ among many notable films - SC is well known for animation and presently "Marmaduke" is trending top 10 worldwide. Matthew has produced over 10 films in his own right - with a recent film 2022 on wide screen release in the USA ( 2000 screens) Matthew is a British citizen and was called to the Bar in 1993 and completed his legal training at 1 Crown Office Row, after his degrees in Economics he worked in the banking and entertainment sector. He established a major foreign exchange company in the City of London and is still presently active in fintech ( and is a regulated person ) and has trading platforms he has spoken at the WTO in 2019 on digital coins and non fungible tokens and written widely adopted white papers in the space on regulation.

Robert Charles is the CEO of Goldfingr, a high profile Web 3 Investment Club that is using a highly disruptive technology to enable it to become a DAO Aggregator, and world leader in decentralized finance. The Goldfingr network is made up of an ever-growing network of high profile / forward thinking investors, family offices, VCs, and bold entrepreneurs that are looking to reshape the world through the power of Blockchain technology and Web 3. Robert is a respected global leader and a multi award winning entrepreneur with a colourful career spanning 3 decades. He has been an angel investor for 18 years and been involved in ventures surrounding tech, Blockchain, Web 3, Oil and Gas, Real Estate and M&A. He was the first to conceptualize the very first online art gallery and being fluent in Mandarin he became a pivotal liaison between Asian and the western companies. In 2019, Goldfingr was awarded best Club in New York City and best Investment Club of 2019. Robert has also been an elite athlete across two sports, and was ranked number 2 in the world after fighting in the WKA championship in Spain.

Andrew Dymond is an international award-winning director, producer, VFX supervisor and CEO of Bazooka Bunny, creating international broadcast film/television productions. After starting with over 200 mainstream commercials for brands such as BMW and Mr Sheen, Andrew has gone on to produce television programs for the likes of BBC, and worked on movies such as Transformers distributed by Paramount pictures, and Instant Death for Sony Entertainment with Lou Ferrigno. Andrew has a passion for helping independent film producers get their films to market, and as a result has taken a key interest in web 3 and NFT financing due to the freedom and flexibility it offers independent producers to get their films off the ground.

Akeem Ojuko is the co founder of Script Network - the first linear tv platform on Blockchain. With a background of running businesses within food and content, Akeem has build 3, 7 figure businesses in the last decade, with the most recent being an NFT brand, which has amassed over $15m in revenue in 2022 alone.

Alex Curson is an internationally recognized Videographer, Photographer, VFX Artist and Visual DJ with a unique spark of creativity and a passionate, outgoing personality. He has filmed some of the biggest events, festivals and models in the world, producing content for countless brands, sponsors and production companies. As a Visual DJ (SPAZZ), he has performed live with many of the electronic dance music scene's biggest stars, such as: Deadmau5, Skrillex, Avicii, Cazzette, Pretty Lights, Caspa, Calvin Harris, Afrojack and many more. Alex has access to a team of elite creatives providing end to end production and media solutions for any sized business. Now, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Dance Music Television Network (EDMTV), a 24/7 broadcast television network streaming across Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Android and iPhone featuring the world's biggest record labels and music videos from thousands of artists around the world, in which EDMTV possesses multiple master licence agreements and over 100 hours of content, powered by Verizon Digital. www.EDMTV.net

Ann Hu's 35mm debut Shadow Magic (2000) won both the Chinese Academy Award and Presidential Award in China for Best film among other international prizes. The film premiered at the 2000 Sundance film Festival and released by Sony Classics in 2001. Among the earliest students from mainland China after the Cultural Revolution, Hu came to the United States to pursue a higher education in 1979. After receiving a degree in Business Administration from New York University and achieving unusual success as a business woman, Hu decided to become a filmmaker. In 1992, she took courses at the NYU Film School and subsequently completed a 16mm narrative film, "Dream and Memory", which generated critical acclaim internationally in 1994. Hu is currently developing her next film projects as international co-productions. She is also working on a TV talk show, which is expected to air both in China and America.

Ricky O’Donnell is a Cancer Survivor, Loving Dad, NFT Collector & Creator CEO & Founder of RJDM Studios | NFTJungle.io | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Business Visionary |With more than 22 years in Digital Media & Industry, an award-winning industry leader in digital creation, animation, and cutting edge emerging technologies, #ShapingTheFuture of content creation for brands & global markets. An expert motivational speaker, passionate to share his expertise on what it takes to build powerful and dynamic businesses, overcome adversity and fuse content & functionality. Backed by my studio RJDM that brings together the country’s best animators, app-builders, web programmers, branding specialists, virtual and augmented reality experts and live-action film producers.

Brimming with originality, imagination and technical expertise, Ricky delivers powerful messages across multiple media to supercharge brand engagement. Whilst pushing the boundaries of web3 technology.

Jonny Caplan is a multi-award-winning Executive Producer/Director, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Technologist, Influencer, and Media Personality. Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 Finalist, London’s 70 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Media & Entertainment Space 2022. Having featured on major TV channels, and on stage in the UK from the young age of just 8 years old, Jonny has been in the limelight for most of his career. From acting & singing on stage to modelling, to presenting. He later excelled as a highly passionate and highly successful young entrepreneur and technology innovator, who after winning the Duke of Edinburgh award for Entrepreneurship at High School, subsequently went on to lay claim to several awards, patents, innovative products and companies. With a uniquely artistic and creative style, merged with vast scientific, technical, and entrepreneurial ability clearly shines in all his ground-breaking innovations and media. Jonny has written, directed, produced and featured in award winning titles such as TechTalk 12x30’ on Technology & Innovation (11 International Film Festival Awards) premiered on Amazon Prime & Apple TV+, The Cannabis Biz 6x30’ Docuseries (2 International Awards), Last Man Standing: The Chronicles of Myron Sugerman 1x90’ (True Crime Iconic US Mafia Documentary), The Rise of A.I. 6x30’ (Award Winning) premiere on Discovery Asia, Women in Charge (Female Entrepreneurship), TechHeroes (Sustainability), Inside NASA’s Innovations (Aerospace) premiere on Discovery Asia, and others. As Co-Founder, CEO & Executive Producer @ Tech Talk Media, Jonny boasts an all-round skill base, including show running, writing, directing, narrating, and presenting skills. TTM and Impossible Media titles now reach more than 81 countries worldwide, and more than 500+ viewers. Jonny is also Brand Ambassador for Portion.io & TheGadgetFlow.com and VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur.com

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