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APPG Metaverse and Web3.0 Christmas Forum held at UKIIC London Centre
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On 12th December 2022, 66 guests from across the world who share interests in Metaverse gathered at the UKIIC London Centre for the APPG Christmas Forum.

During the get-together, the leaders in various sectors shared their visions for the promotion and development of Metaverse and Web3.0.

Shareen Qureshi, Founder and CEO of SportsTech Global Conference, gave a keynote speech on "Pioneering the change we want to see”.

With her experience in marketing at Barclay Bank PLC, Shareen created the SportTech Global Conference (STGC) in 2021 and assembled an "all-star" team to realise their vision. STGC consists of three areas: people, technology and philanthropy. STGC hopes to consolidate resources during the meeting and create opportunities to provide more benefits and assistance to the public.

Partners of STGC

In the group discussion, Shareen also talked about the future innovation possibilities of sports technology and Metaverse, as well as the new business model that the virtual world will bring to the market, the relationship between ‘to B’ and ‘to C’, and marketing strategies. "It will create new lines of business and transform interactions between customers and companies." -Shareen Qureshi said.

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