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Li Gang, founder of Daoli International Creative Ecology Group, has been hired as the China-UK creative industry consultant of UKIC International Innovation Center
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Recently, Mr. Rigang, President/Founder of Idea Factory, has been appointed as the China-UK Creative Industry Consultant of UKIC.

Daoli International Creative Ecology Group, with the concept of brand reinvention based on culture, art and scientific and technological innovation, provides business partners with comprehensive solutions of enabling business growth, top-level design of business model, head construction of brand system, ecological integration movement of communication and seamless link of super resources. By integrating business growth, advertising, interaction, technology, commerce, media resources, big data, and culture and art in a cross-border execution approach, consumers are effectively encouraged to participate in brand building and become brand volunteers.

The company adheres to the national policy, and actively links the multi-party cooperation between enterprises and international resources. It is expected to create an international collaborative innovation platform for the country and enterprises, help Chinese enterprises internationalize, build an international exchange platform, and jointly promote international intergovernmental cooperation with enterprises.

Daoli International Creative Ecology Group

On October 13, 2010, Li Gang and Daoxin founded Daoli Advertising in Shenzhen. At present, Daoli International Creative Ecology Group consists of eight companies: Daoli Commercial Growth, Daoli Advertising, Daoli Interactive, Daoli Media, Daoli Image, Daoli Public Relations, Daoli Culture Travel, and Egg International IP.

Left: Tao Xin, Chief Knowledge Officer of Daoli International Creative Ecology Group Right: Li Gang, President of Daoli International Creative Ecology Group
In the Tao, there are two strong labels -- exploration and precipitation. Although started from advertising, after exploration, Daoli is no longer a simple advertising company. Now Daoli is more like a creative ecology with good ideas as its orientation and continuous expansion of business scope around the cultural tourism industry. The reason why Daoli can maintain the vitality of innovation and constantly try new forms of communication is precisely because the company has always been in the DNA - exploration.

Founded in 2010, Daoli is in the process of rapid transformation from traditional advertising to digital marketing. Advertising forms and communication paths are constantly changing, which also requires traditional advertising companies to keep evolving to adapt to the new environment. Due to the nature of cultural tourism and real estate industry, these brands need more integrated marketing programs, which also urges Daoli to develop new departments and try new ways of communication. Daoli has successively established eight major business departments, including commercial growth, creative, interactive, media, image, public relations, cultural tourism and east-egg international IP, which has cultivated a strong integrated marketing team.

Explore while precipitation, so that the Taoist methodology will have a steady stream of new theories to join in and constantly updated development. In Tao, you can always learn something new. Whoever has a good idea is the best person in the company. Because of this, Daoli attracts a lot of people who love advertising and creativity.

At present, the company is the first marketing ecological chain with creativity as the belief, headquartered in the south China science and technology innovation base -- Shenzhen Science Park Road International Creative Ecology Group, 2000 square meters of new creative office space, nearly 500 first-line creative people in the country, more than 100 online projects, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Bay Area, Kunming, Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu. Hong Kong and other subsidiaries have offices. In 2017, it won the titles of "Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in China's Cultural Industry" and "China's 30 Most Influential Digital Marketing Companies". It is a professional platform that insists on solving business problems with smart creativity, and it is one of the few original platform companies in China.

Since its inception, Daori will "keep childlike innocence" as the enterprise slogan, and take this as the belief, adhere to professional-oriented, maintain in the creation of pure and cutting-edge, and the world's first line brand concept synchronization. I hope that the people of Daoli can be as simple as children, and hold a pure and curious attitude towards all problems, all phenomena and all thoughts. For 10 years, Daoli people have been practicing. With "humanity, freedom and equality" as the core of corporate culture, the company advocates an open, interactive and sharing creative mode, constantly updated to adapt to the constantly changing market and provide the freshest solutions. The company's mascot, lollipops, can be seen everywhere in the Dauri office.

Daoli's offices have no doors, a sign of the company's openness. No matter it is from the bright yellow tone decoration style, lollipop decoration everywhere, on the third floor roof carefully made small garden in the sky, or on the staff here, you can feel the kind of sunshine, pure feeling. Should be the DaoLi slogan "keep the innocence", DaoLi was founded 10 years, still young and full of vitality.

Daoli Office Environment:

Daoli Art Gallery:

Daoli Rooftop Garden:

The company has many achievements in the field of innovation and creativity, serving more than 70% of the TOP50 developers in China, including tourism real estate, commercial real estate, industrial park and other business forms, and accommodating a variety of forms of innovation and cooperation with an open mind.

Sichuan; Professional art school background; A creative veteran of more than 20 years, he has always been committed to the exploration of creative and cultural undertakings, put forward the theory of rebranding based on cultural, artistic and technological creativity, and gathered a group of business partners to build a creative platform with a full ecological chain from top-level design to brand construction, from communication connection to resource integration. Leading the largest and most influential cultural tourism real estate brand integration creative company in China, and constantly exploring the industry boundary, Daoli has become an integrated innovator in advertising/interaction/media/international industry/international IP/ film and television/public relations/cultural tourism and other fields, helping partners to create big business. Representative works and achievements: Lfounded Daoli Advertising in 2010, persevered in creativity, and led the company to win "IAI International Tourism Award/Brand Marketing/Cultural Tourism IP", "Independent Advertising Agency of the Year in Shanghai International Advertising Awards", "DMAA Best Creative Company of the Year" and other awards. Helping Vanke, Poly, Sunac, Greenland, Greentown and many other top 100 real estate enterprises in China to achieve business and cultural innovation. L Co-sponsor of China New IP Alliance, and invited by Central South University of Forestry and Technology to serve as the external tutor of Master of Arts students.

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