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Introduction to Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center

Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center is only 10 minutes’ drive from London Heathrow International Airport and close to the M25, M4 and M5 motorways, providing direct access to central London. The Island has a profound historical significance. On June 15, 1215, "Magna Carta of Freedom" was signed here, becoming the first legal document in the history of the world to restrict the king's power. The United States' "Declaration of Independence" and "Bill of Rights", France's earliest constitutional The document Human Rights and Citizenship Declaration all have been profoundly influenced by Magna Carta. From Europe to North America, from Australia to India, Magna Carta is playing a huge role. To this day, Magna Carta is still being considered as a symbol of freedom and a great change for the world.

Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center was established by Chinese entrepreneurs, leading by Mr Chen Yuanfeng. It is not only the origin of new knowledge, new technologies, new products and new industries in the world, but also the forerunner of advanced culture and advanced systems. It has four major functions: Scientific research, technological innovation, industry-driven and cultural leadership.

Because of its function of scientific research, it gathered a large number of top universities and scientific research institutions in the UK, integrating talent cultivation and knowledge innovation, and is becoming an important source of new knowledge in the world.

As to the technology innovation function, a large number of world-class technology-based enterprises and international companies and venture capitals generated a large number of new technologies, and drive the commercialisation and transformation through product innovation, market innovation and management innovation.

When talking about Industry-driven functions, the incubation and commercialisation of new technologies will not only promote new industries, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, especially manufacturing industries, and improve the economic competitiveness of cities and countries.

Cultural leadership means technological advancement and industrial innovation, which will lead new ways of production and lifestyle, and create a new business culture, thus leading the cultural development of all mankind.

On 21st March, 2019, Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center successfully hosted “Magna Carta Island Innovation Series Forum: Sino-British Blockchain Applications Forum”. The guests included many famous experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the blockchain field in China and the UK. For example, Professor Duan Jiang, Director of the China Blockchain Research Center of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics; Dr. JF Fava-Verde, Innovation Lead of Artificial Intelligence and Data Economy Department at Innovate UK; Mr. Rob Fletcher, Systems & Network Infrastructure Manager, UK Satellite Application Technology Center; Dr. Garrick Hileman, Director of the Blockchain Research Center at London School of Economics and Political Science; Professor Paolo Tasca, Founder and Executive Director of Blockchain Technology Center (UCL CBT) at the University College London; Mr. Du Guoyu, Co-founder of UKDE Ltd.; Dr. Xu Tao, CEO of YiTu Technology; Professor Julian Williams, Director of the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience at Durham University; Professor Birgitte Andersen, Executive Director of Big Innovation Centre, which is All-Party Organization of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain; Dr. Shao Yuming, Vice President and Investment Director of Tus Holdings (UK); Dr. Junyi Han, Senior Solution Architect, 99P Recycling Ltd, among others.

In 2019, Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center became the UK's global hub for global think tanks. It is based in London but radiates across the UK. It supports the global headquarters of global think tanks to create a globally influential Chinese international think tank, bringing together the British elite and its Excellent ideas, providing high-quality research results and strategic advice in the UK and Europe, providing constructive advice to its China's headquarters under the mission of contributing to the country, social progress and government decision-making, serving overseas Chinese talents’ internationalization and corporate internationalization strategy, and upgrading China’s Soft power and international influence.

Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center has built partnership with Henry Business School at the University of Reading, and Huawei Institute of Information and Network Technology at the University of Reading, with the aim of creating elite training programs that combine traditional business education with the latest ICT cutting-edge innovation to train innovative business talents.

The 12th China-UK Business Plan Competition was launched in London on May 8, 2019. This initiative was jointly organised by Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center, the UK-China Science and Technology Innovation Federation, Yingde Group and Cocoon Global. It is an innovation competition to help exchanges and cooperation between China and the UK in high-tech industry. The competition was founded in 2007 and has been successfully held consecutively for 11 years. Previous organisers include but not limited to the China Innovation and Development Association (UK), Lancaster University, University College London, University of East Anglia, Durham University, and Chongqing, China, Tianjin Science and Technology Association. Co-organisers include British Boren Law Firm, China Education Television, British Sky TV, Tianjin Teda International Venture Park, China-Britain Business Council and other organisations. As one of the UK's “Prime Minister Projects”, the competition attracts about 200 teams from Chinese and English universities each year to promote exchanges and cooperation of economics, education and culture between China and the UK, to support Chinese and British students in innovation and entrepreneurship and to promote the development of Sino-British friendship.

1) Mr. Chen Yuanfeng, Chairman of Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center, Executive Vice President of the UK China General Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Zhongke Foundation Group, which is a leading pioneer of commercial real estate, environmental protection, education, tourism, equity investment, etc. Currently the group has subsidiaries in Beijing, Shenzhen and the United Kingdom.

2) Prof. Xiong Yu, President of Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center, Co-Chairman of Cocoon Global, Chair Professor in Business Operations of the Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University, Fellow of the Sustainable Leadership Institute of the University of Cambridge, Member of All-China Youth Federation, Executive Chairman of China Innovation and Development Association UK, founder of the 21st Century China-UK Business Plan Competition, and Chairman of the London Mayor's Office London Fashion Fund.

3) Mr. Guo Ke, co-founder of Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center, Chief Strategy Officer of Zhongke Foundation Investment Group, CEO of Magna Carta Island International Club, Founding Partner of Beijing Angel Cabin Investment Management Co. Ltd., The secretary-general of Science Fiction Film of China Science Writers Association, the guest speaker of the China Central Television Financial Channel “Entrepreneurship Heroes”.

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