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The front page of Taizhou Daily reported that the China-UK Innovation Center of Taizhou Bay was inaugurated, and "Cloud" conference brought back 3 projects from the UK!
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The launch ceremony of the 2021 Magna Carta Island UKIIC Forum for International Cooperation and the China-UK Innovation Center in Taizhou Bay was held in the UK on May 30 at 21:00 Beijing time. The forum has integrated about 20 pieces of information about international high-quality education, culture and art, life and health, information technology and other projects, and signed 3 strategic cooperation and talent projects on the spot.

Initiated by the management committee of Taizhou Bay New Area, Taizhou Bay China-UK Innovation Center provides comprehensive incubation services of "UK (Shenzhen) innovation, Taizhou transformation, fund guidance and industrial integration" through the establishment of innovation enclaves in Magna Carta Island in London and Shenzhen.

At the meeting, the new district's search for overseas talents and technologies yielded fruitful results. On the same day, the Royal Academy of engineering, the global open chamber of commerce chairman Dennis, Ph.D., professor Joseph, skyline group founder Zeng Wen jiing Sir, surrey university business school professors, professor yu and so on more than 20 guests bear live in London, vice secretary of taizhou bay, new city departments should LiangZhong more than 100 guests, Britain Zhang Jinlong, chairman of the Chinese general chamber of commerce and other online participant. Jointly promote the in-depth integration, coordination and practical development of high-tech and innovative enterprises and talents.

LiangZhong said the center will actively improve the mechanism of the "introduction to, go out", the domestic output to the overseas outstanding brand, and integration of the international quality education, culture and art, life, health, industrial resources, such as information technology and development of taizhou market docking and fusion, gradually build with china-uk cooperation in the field of innovation as the theme, with international influence of the industrial technology innovation ecosystem.

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