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UKIIC has established a China-UK Innovation Centre in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
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In order to fully implement the strategy of "Talent-led and Innovation-driven", give full play to the advantages of international scientific and technological innovation resources accumulation, further promote the convergence of high-level entrepreneurial and innovative talents at home and abroad in Taizhou Bay New Area, promote the development of leading industries and strategic emerging industries in Taizhou Bay New Area, and promote the optimization and upgrading of regional economy, recently, The Management Committee of Taizhou Bay New Area of Zhejiang Province has reached a cooperation agreement with UKIIC and Sino-British Ekoo (Shenzhen) Network Technology Co., Ltd on matters related to the construction and operation of the Sino-British Innovation Center in Taizhou Bay.

Taizhou Talent New Deal 2.0 Promotion Meeting and the signing ceremony of the city's talent projects were also held in Taizhou Hall of Fenghuang Mountain, Taizhou. Lu Hongju, vice minister of the Municipal Organization Department and director of the Municipal Permanent Office, presided over the meeting. Zhao Haibin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and minister of the Organization Department, Wang Xianyi, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Ke Wanying, vice minister of the Municipal Organization Department and director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau attended the meeting.

Taizhou Bay China-UK Innovation Center will make full use of the technology, talents, capital and other resources from the UK and other European and American developed countries to attract talents and investment to Taizhou Bay New Area. We will promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, and help enterprises in Taizhou Bay New Area connect with overseas resources for outward development.

At present, Taizhou Bay New Area has a population of about 140,000. There are 362 "Four Top" enterprises (including 3 listed enterprises on the main board, 74 state-level high-tech enterprises and 252 industrial enterprises on the regulation). In 2019, the total industrial output value above the designated level reached 42.8 billion yuan.

At the promotion meeting, the plan of "young talents gather in Taizhou" was released heavily, which implemented five actions, ten new policies, one hundred recruitment, one thousand enterprise linkage, one hundred thousand positions, focusing on high-level talents, college graduates, highly skilled talents and other talent groups, and increasing policy support. We will advance institutional reform and improve the ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation.

British international innovation center (UKIIC), Sino-British arts library network technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., hand in hand with taizhou bay district management committee around the strategy of "talent leading, innovation-driven" center of gravity, in order to further promote the taizhou bay district entrepreneurial innovation talent both at home and abroad, further promote the taizhou bay new area dominant industry and the development of strategic emerging industries, We will promote regional economic optimization and upgrading and reach cooperation agreements.

"We have been actively promoting a number of British projects, such as the partnership between Taizhou city and Oxford International Education Group in the UK, to help create a sustainable ecology of industry-university-researcher-innovation in Taizhou Bay," says Liu Xian, director of the UKIIC Accelerator.

UKIIC Accelerator aims to promote deep cooperation in the field of global innovation, to meet the constructive needs of intellectual property protection, integration into the global innovation network, and promoting the exchange and cooperation of scientific research personnel. The Innovation Center integrates innovation between China and the UK, promotes the development of high-tech technologies, innovative enterprises and talents, promotes industrial integration and collaborative innovation, and has formed an industrial, scientific and technological innovation ecosystem with international influence.

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